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What is the RC Explosion Box?

The RC Explosion Box is a sports card subscription product that provides best-in-class variety, quality, and transparency. Each month's pack lineup is curated for the potential pull of hot rookie and prospect cards! All featured packs come directly from sealed boxes (and/or factory sealed cases), and all boxes and packs have never been searched or tampered with (assurances provided by Philmington or in some cases BBCE). Packs used are from hobby boxes unless otherwise noted.

In addition to the featured packs there is a 1:6 chance of a bonus pack, and one lucky customer each month will receive a golden ticket that can be redeemed for a special prize.

We currently offer three products: Original Baseball, High-End Baseball, and Football


"I really appreciate the thought you put into the lineup each
month and your customer service has always been top notch."
-Tim H

"You've been providing us with a great product. Your product
is the best of all."
-Alfonso A

"Enjoy every box I’ve gotten." -Joshua J

"I appreciate your transparency and the consistency of the
packs and products involved."
-Phil C

RC Explosion Box History

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