Who is Philmington?

After taking a hiatus after the mid-90s, Philmington has been an active part of the hobby since 2014. He enjoys posting content to his Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/philmington), investing in singles and wax, and speculating on young, exciting players. His primary PC at this point in time is Juan Soto. While his main sport is baseball, he also has an epic collection of 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon Cards.

When Philmington was a young child, he was obsessed with everything baseball-related. He loved attending and watching games but this wasn’t enough to satisfy his desires. He acquired all types of cards and memorabilia he could get his hands on. He frequented card shops. He attended card shows. As a thirteen-year-old Philmington won a large signed painting of Mike Schmidt in an in-person auction. With his inclination for studying numerical trends and analyzing statistics, cardboard made a lot of sense for him. After taking a long time off he came back into the game in 2014. Part of the reason for his return was nostalgia, but part of it was because he realized he could not gain sufficient exposure to a baseball player's individual performance from playing fantasy baseball. The ROI just wasn’t there especially after factoring in time. Fantasy baseball with friends was mostly for bragging rights and fun. As a result, Philmington's reacquaintance and soon-to-be immersion into the hobby was fueled by his newfound passion for speculating and flipping. Over the years he has prided himself at identifying market inefficiencies and picking up cards that have room to grow in value. Philmington officially formed his sports card LLC in mid-2019. He has amassed a number of relationships and has built a very strong reputation on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Philmington's Ebay Store: www.ebay.com/usr/philmington

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